Strengthen and support your immune system

A dead tooth is always attached to a sick person.
Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are dead teeth. The dead tooth that was once an organ with its own nerve and blood supply remains as a dead pillar in the oral cavity. The residual organic tissue decomposes and successively emits harmful metabolites (toxins). And these toxins have the capacity to cause a multitude of systemic or organ diseases.

The dead tooth that was once an organ with its own nerve and blood supply remains a dead post in the oral cavity. It is colonized by various, and in some cases, unknown species of anaerobic, pathogenic bacteria that break down the remaining organic tissue and

secreteharmful metabolic products (toxins).

These pathogenic bacteria use the amino acids cysteine and methionine to produce highly toxic and potentially carcinogenic hydrogen sulphide bonds (thioether / methanethiol) as by-products of anaerobic metabolism.

These toxins can be the cause of various systemic and organ diseases due to irreversible inhibition of the active center of many important enzymes that are important for life. The inhibition of important enzymes in the respiratory chain of the mitochondria has been proven in vitro. Each chewing process releases these bacteria and particularly the toxins into the lymphatic system of the surrounding tissue. From here, they enter the bloodstream (focal infection) and the whole body. Root-treated teeth are a typical interference field, a so-called neuromodulative trigger in the human body. From a practical point of view, root treatments are carried out to preserve the chewing function, however from a medical perspective, root treatments are viewed critically.


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Remove interference fields

According to BIOCLINC®,  aims to eliminate the sources of stress as quickly as possible and therefore ease the burden on the immune system.


Cross section of a healthy bone


 Cavitations  in the body place the organism in stress mode (sympathetic nervous system mode), switching all systems to uninterrupted ’emergency operations’.

This stress leads to the release of adrenalin and cortisol, pumping blood into the muscles and constricting the vessels. Immune system and healing reactions are deactivated and the subsequent regeneration phase postponed. Metabolic acidosis increases, the organism experiences an oxygen deficit, and the opportunities for the body to regenerate and heal are eliminated.


It is assumed that the presence of interference fields in the human organism cause inflammatory processes to precipitate a reaction in a different part of the body or to induce resistance to treatment (chronification).

IN BIO CLINIC we detect interference fields by analysing clinical findings.

Teeth are among the most important subsystems within the network of an organism’s self-regulating subsections.


Modern dentistry faces the challenge of meeting the increased need of patients for health, functionality and aesthetics. In this light, it is becoming increasingly important to consider and actively use holistic aspects in diagnostics and therapy. Besides classic artisan dental medicine, biological dentistry also takes into account the basic principles of natural science in its complexity and interaction with regard to the human organism. Under the motto, “The Mouth as a Mirror for Health”,BIO CLINICl  takes a closer look at the basic principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry and establishes a connection between the chronic systemic diseases and disorders of the oral cavity.


Strengthen and support your immune system