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Removal of  Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis

NIKO  i a chronic inflammation in the jaw bone or mandible. In other words, they are "silent", hidden degenerative osteonecrosis. They arise mainly in places where the bone has not healed optimally after tooth extractions, in places of a specific arrangement of the teeth, or in the case of foreign bodies remaining in the tissues. 

As with root canal treated teeth, they produce toxins and inflammatory mediators (TNF-α, IL-1) that can cause symptoms elsewhere in the body - neurological or joint problems are especially common. RANTES and FGF-2 are significantly increased inflammation mediators in CAVITATIONS. Both of these factors are always present in serious diseases such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and various types of cancer such as breast cancer. CAVITATIONS, among others, are the main cause of autoimmune diseases caused by the production of RANTES / FGF-2.

Cavitation can be associated with chronic fatigue and a lack of energy (burnout), various types of cardiovascular ailments, adrenal insufficiency, weight gain, allergies, skin diseases, problems with the small intestine, and especially Lyme disease.
Significant amounts of mercury, arsenic, lead or aluminum are also deposited in degenerated tissues, and more recently more glyphosate (roundup) and pesticides.
IN CAVITATIONS, the formation of new blood vessels is reduced and the situation resembles a "bone infarction". There is a disturbed connection between the basic mechanisms of healing and the immune system. The body is unable to build new normal tissue.
CAVITATIONS are also a symptom of an existing nutrient deficiency.

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Remove interference fields

According to BIOCLINC®,  aims to eliminate the sources of stress as quickly as possible and therefore ease the burden on the immune system.


Cross section of a healthy bone


 Cavitations  in the body place the organism in stress mode (sympathetic nervous system mode), switching all systems to uninterrupted ’emergency operations’.

This stress leads to the release of adrenalin and cortisol, pumping blood into the muscles and constricting the vessels. Immune system and healing reactions are deactivated and the subsequent regeneration phase postponed. Metabolic acidosis increases, the organism experiences an oxygen deficit, and the opportunities for the body to regenerate and heal are eliminated.


It is assumed that the presence of interference fields in the human organism cause inflammatory processes to precipitate a reaction in a different part of the body or to induce resistance to treatment (chronification).

IN BIO CLINIC we detect interference fields by analysing clinical findings.

Teeth are among the most important subsystems within the network of an organism’s self-regulating subsections.

Modern dentistry faces the challenge of meeting the increased need of patients for health, functionality and aesthetics. In this light, it is becoming increasingly important to consider and actively use holistic aspects in diagnostics and therapy. Besides classic artisan dental medicine, biological dentistry also takes into account the basic principles of natural science in its complexity and interaction with regard to the human organism. Under the motto, “The Mouth as a Mirror for Health”,BIO CLINICl  takes a closer look at the basic principles of chemistry, physics and biochemistry and establishes a connection between the chronic systemic diseases and disorders of the oral cavity.


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