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Monika K.

I am very fortunate that I came to Dr. Igor, because on a pantomographic picture the doctor found a huge abscess and bone atrophy above my root canal. Before I decided to pulled the dead tooth, I was given analgesic therapies and increased immunity - in accordance with Dr. Klinghardt's methodology. After these treatments, I felt better immediately and was able to function normally at work. However, the greatest result I felt after pulling out a root-treated tooth, cleaning the alveolus and inserting an immediate implant. On the same day I noticed a greater clarity of thinking and unblocked sinus. Left side pain and constant neck pain lasting for years have let go. During these few years I felt discouraged and tired of life. Now with every morning I feel that my energy is coming back - after all this time, I wake up in the morning getting some restful sleep and I'm not stiff. I feel more positive emotions. Cystitis has ceased. I observe how the skin on my face is getting better - it is smoother and there are no new painful changes every day. I have seen the effects of getting rid of such an inflammatory nest as a dead tooth. Now I only watch with joy how I get better and better every day. I started enjoying my life. I feel like after a long time to break out of the nightmare and revive.

The tooth removal and insertion the implant procedure was practically painless. At first, blood plasma was taken from me. I was subjected to a jaw massage so that I could withstand a long time with my mouth open without the risk of cramps. The day before, on the day of the procedure and the next day, I was given a drip strengthening and deacidifying the body. During the procedure, I was given vitamin C in the drip. Medical staff throughout the procedure made me feel comfortable. At the end I underwent therapy to improve lymph function. I was lent a cooling face mask from the clinic to ease the pain after it and the device which was pulled out and an electrosmog protection  to accelerate bone regeneration with the implant. Thanks to this, I didn't need to take painkillers.

Were it not for the doctor's knowledge and experience, I would probably seek help for a long time and live in a state of unconsciousness walking with abscess in my jaw. I am extremely grateful to the doctor for all the devoted care and professional help at the highest level.

Many thanks to Dr. Igor for saving my life and health.

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