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June 2019 first visit in Bio Clinic. Effects - improvement in the knee, calming the body, reduction of hip pain. Reduced pain when bending and squatting. July, August 2019 after removing two root canal teeth, I do not need to put drops in my eyes every day (dryness and redness are gone), no pain in the knee and 90% in the hip. The swelling of my legs is gone, I don't remember when I saw the veins on my feet. End of rehabilitation, I have no such need. problems with evening reading, leg and back pain while walking and sleeping have disappeared. December 2019 bathing in the bathtub :), what's the matter, I'm sitting there and I don't feel any discomfort, I have no problem washing myself, and most of all I don't think about how to get out of the bathtub, I've been using the shower for a year.

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